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Excitement, Fingerless Gloves and eBay auctions

Me sitting on my Stargate blanket

My Chihuahua Freya

My Chorkie Jinto Wallace

Me knitting while standing in line for a photo op

The Scottish Flag blanket I made for Paul McGillion

Me with Gary Jones holding up the Stargate afghan I gave him

 How cool is this! I have officially figured out how to put pictures in my blog. You guys are really gonna be in for a treat when I go to Vancouver now! I am really getting excited about the convention. I have put in a bid on two tickets for the special lunch with Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig on the Sunday at eBay. I am currently winning but with nine days to go the question is will it stay that way? Let’s hope so. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted!

As I said, the excitement for the upcoming Vancouver convention is really growing the closer it gets. On Monday it will be 5 weeks and counting! There has been a new guest announcement! Rainbow Sun Francks has been added to the celebrity guest list. I am so stoked about this because I have always wanted to meet him. From what I have heard from friends the only thing is that I am going to have to get him to NOT write huge in my fanfiction book because I am rapidly running out of space in there. In fact, I may have to have a handwritten copy of Triumphant Return and take that to be autographed as well in case I run out of space in my original fanfiction notebook.

Now on to the fingerless gloves. I am knitting a pair of fingerless gloves that I am going to personalize with the phrase GATE GIRL on the fingers. I have completed the first one and it fits perfectly.

I am also excited about the fact that I bought myself a PDA this evening that has wireless internet access so that when I am in the airport in Seattle waiting on Janine to arrive I can get on the internet at the airport with my PDA without having to run down the battery on my laptop. It will also help me with the home based business I am starting but that’s for another blog.

Today’s blog is dedicated to all of the awesome people who have left such wonderful positive comments for me!

Today’s Pics:

  1. Me sitting on the Stargate blanket that I made (the original one)
  2. My beautiful 2-year-old Chihuahua, Freya Anise
  3. My mischievous 1-year-old Chorkie, Jinto Wallace
  4. The results of my chronic procrastination as I knit in line for a photo op at Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD
  5. The Scottish flag afghan that I knitted for Paul McGillion
  6. Me and Gary Jones holding up the Stargate afghan that I presented to him



One Response to “Excitement, Fingerless Gloves and eBay auctions”

  1. Great pictues! I think I saw some of those on your My Space, right? I’ll bet you’re really excited about going to the Con. Make sure you take lots of pictures, and put them up here so that we can all see them!

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