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Looking for money, more planning, and REVENGE IS SWEET!!!!!!

I really need some money. I am hoping that I can find a lender to lend me something.  That’s all I have to say about that.

 I am getting down to crunch time on my planning for my Vancouver trip. I have finally made a decision about telling my parents. I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT! It’s really none of their business anyway. If they knew they’d make me cancel my plans, work to earn back the money they’d make me lose and then give it all to them. Pathetic I know but they’re selfish like that. I’m going to Vancouver and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it. I am gonna start washing clothes and getting my house in order this weekend. Then I’m gonna get my DVDs together and all of my stuff before I start packing next week. Things are gonna be hectic, but I’ll get through.

 Finally, REVENGE! It’s really gonna be sweet. I plan on hanging these two bitches at work. They are trying to screw me over against the wishes of the corporate supervisor and the client of the case I’m on, and I am going to call the corporate office tomorrow and make sure she knows about it. I hope to get them both fired. Especially the bitch that started this whole thing then I can take her hours and I’ll be perfectly fine! Wish me luck!


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