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Vancouver VIPs rocking the house!!!!!

Hi bloggers. Here I am again, blogging from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Home of Stargate! My friend Janine and I have been Vancouver VIPs this entire week and it is the most awesome thing in the world. We get unlimited free food and FREE WINE!!!!!!! The up close and personal thing with the actors is VERY cool! All of them have been so nice and supportive and stuff. 

Janine and I did the funniest photo op with Jason Momoa (Ronon) tonight. We walk in and I go right up to Jason and say “Let’s do something funny.” So Jason goes “Okay, what do you want to do.” I said “You’re the actor, think of something.” He told me “You’re a really funny person, think of something that you like.”  So Janine twists in beside Jason and contorts her body as much as she can, I bend over in front of Jason just trying to be silly and Jason goes “Oh okay, are we doing Twister?” So Jason leans over me and he like grabs my wrist. Then after that we go to leave and Jason puts his arms around us and says “Let’s do a second one with you guys holding me up.” Well, since Jason is the actor and twice as big as anyone else in the room, no one argued with him. So we essentially got a two for one deal.

Sorry that’s all for now but I am getting ready to head down for the chocolate party. I’ll post more (including pictures) in the coming days.

Peace and love to all in blogland!
Rachel 🙂


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